For Iraqi Companies

For Iraqi Companies


Welcome to our web site.

We are Iraq Desk in Tokyo -Japan at JCCME (Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East), serving to bridge Iraq and Japan in the business fields.

For those companies who wish to issue inquiry for specific project and/or business to Japanese companies, please follow the following procedures:

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Procedure for Entry

Explanation image 1
Please read this page and fill in the gEntry Formath as per examples.
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Please send us by E-mail or Fax.
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We will assess the information given in the formant and contact you for any further queries, if necessary.
Based on your provided information, we will evaluate the requirements in your business and/or project.
Also we will study the possibility for Japanese companies to participate in your business and/or project.
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For those business and/or projects meeting our screening criteria, we will introduce your business and/or project information on our website, and/or send documents to Japanese companies for inquiry of their interest.
Explanation image 5
If the Japanese companies have interest , they may contact you.

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Entry Format

For your inquiries, please download these 2 files, fill in the format in English and send us the files by E-mail or Fax.

Please send us those files to


  • 1. There may be some cases where we can not comply with your request and/or provide a response.
  • 2. It is not necessary to fill in all the blanks of the format.

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Attention for Inquiry

About business between Iraq and Japan

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